Woodside Ranch Bend Oregon

Homes for Sale in Woodside Ranch Bend, Oregon

Woodside Ranch Bend Oregon is a serene subdivision in Deschutes County with beautiful, inexpensive houses awaiting potential buyers wanting to make Woodside Ranch their new home. It is a quaint haven for families that wish to live peacefully in the great outdoors, located at the farthest southeast corner of Bend. The southeastern section of Bend is known for its myriad of options available. You can find acreage, fully operational farms, and brand-new communities with single-family homes and townhomes. Thus, Woodside Ranch is an ideal location for people looking for incredible real estate. Also, this community of Bend is a must-see if getting away from the city’s hustle and bustle and having some elbow room appeals to you. There is also limited traffic, and generally, it provides more privacy. Overall, Woodside Ranch Bend OR, is an excellent option for anyone who wants to spread out and live at a slower pace.

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Real Estate Information: Woodside Ranch Bend Oregon

Prospective real estate buyers looking for a high-quality home in the Southeast Bend area will undoubtedly find property in the Woodside Ranch suitable for their requirements and financial constraints. Although Woodside Ranch’s real estate portfolio is known for its single-family residences, townhomes are available throughout the neighborhood. Homes in woodside ranch prices range from as little as $420,000 to almost $1.65 million, and they come in a wide variety of gorgeous styles, sizes, and features. The typical home in the neighborhood has a floor plan that includes one to six bathrooms, one to four bedrooms, and an interior living space ranging in size from 1,500 square feet to 3,600 square feet. To provide a comfortable abode, homeowners furnish their properties with stunning external architecture and impressive interior design specifications. Northwest, Traditional, and Ranch-style are predominantly architectural styles you will often find in Woodside Ranch, Bend. There are also relatively old homes constructed between 1973 and 1997, perfect for individuals who seek a classic residence intimately tied with history and brimming with exquisite character.

Amenities in Woodside Ranch

Woodside Ranch is a beautiful community in the city of Bend, Oregon, that offers plenty of relaxing things to do, as well as entertainment and conveniences from surrounding neighborhoods. Woodside Ranch Bend Oregon, is just a few minutes away from several nature trails and recreational places that are ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time outside and appreciating the great outdoors and nature. Swamp Wells Trail, Horse Butte Trailhead, and Bessie Butte Trailhead are three of the neighboring natural attractions that can be found in and around the neighborhood of Woodside Ranch. Some establishments, such as restaurants and shops, can be easily accessed within the subdivision. For residents with children or a place for recreation, there are several parks in the neighborhood, such as Scandia RV Park, a campsite, and Hollygrape Park, a children’s playground, a green space for outdoor recreation, and public amenities. If you’re considering whether there are schools you can send your kids to, Woodside Ranch has public elementary, middle, and high schools. The China Hat Road connects Woodside Ranch to the rest of Bend, Oregon, allowing its residents to access these places’ amenities and entertainment.


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