Sweet and Fancy in Cranford NJ

What to Love at Sweet and Fancy in Cranford NJ

The Sweet and Fancy in Cranford NJ, has been a haven for bakers and dessert enthusiasts for the past 30 years, as seen in its commitment to providing its customers with the finest and delectable baked goods. They offer a full-service candy-making and cake-decorating supplies store and sell goods for a quick bite or something to bring home and share. Sweet N’ Fancy Emporium baking store is located at 1 South Avenue East in Cranford, New Jersey. Whether you’re looking for baked goods, personalized cakes, desserts, party supplies, favors, cake-decorating tools, or candy-making supplies, Schweet Emporium has everything to cater to your needs. Sweet N’ Fancy Emporium staff can produce personalized favors and printed ribbons for your wedding, baby shower, birthday events, or any other special occasion or holiday you may be celebrating. They also sell a full line of seasonal items for occasions such as graduations, Valentine’s Day, patriotic holidays, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas. Do you wish to advance your knowledge of baking to a new level? Do you want to bake desserts or pastries for your family and friends? The Sweet and fancy bakery also provides in-store cake decorating and candy-making lessons.

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Products and Services of Sweet and Fancy in Cranford NJ

To sate your want for bread or something sweet, the Sweet and Fancy in Cranford NJ, provides high-quality baked products and sweets. Here, you can have a delicious slice of Irish soda bread to eat, a hot cocoa bomb to keep you warm up, or a personalized cake for your loved ones or to celebrate an occasion. You will also find candy confections to satisfy your inner child or any other kind of sweet delight that comes to your mind; you can find it here at Sweet N’ Fancy Emporium. Chocolate, cake boxes, crumb cake, and baking supplies are the most popular among customers. Their specialty, the crumb cake, was widely praised and even voted number one in a contest in New Jersey. You may also order your custom-baked goods and candies through the Sprinkle Experiment! Along with their delicious baked products and sweets, they also sell baking and candy-making tools for your baking endeavors. A wide range of cookie cutters, cake-decorating tools, party favors, sprinkles, molds, cake pans, and other items are available at the Schweet Emporium.

The Owner of Sweet N’ Fancy Emporium

The Sweet N’ Fancy Emporium was founded more than 30 years ago in Cranford, New Jersey. It recently welcomed its new owner, Amanda Girardi, to bring her creative, innovative, and delectable ideas for appetizing baked goods and candies into reality. When the pandemic hit, Amanda, who had spent 20 years as an executive at a bank union, started making baked goods for her friends and family to relieve stress. The lollipops and carrot cake she produced around Valentine’s Day went viral on social media, which led to the new business known as the Sprinkle Experiment. Afterward, when she was picking up baking goods in Cranford, the Sweet Emporium Cranford NJ owner asked Amanda if she was interested to take over the downtown business. She grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself. Now, Amanda can produce more sweets and baked items and supply supplies to other bakers and crafters.

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