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If you’re weary of the same night out with friends, consider updating your evening get-together by adopting a ‘food crawl’ for your usual dinner plans. A food crawl reduces the issues of having to agree on a specific restaurant by keeping your group small and sharing platters, and it also allows you to try numerous places in one night. Cranford/Westfield Area is an excellent spot, including Sushi Westfield, to start because of its vibrant downtown area. So gather a group of friends, put on shoes that you’re comfortable walking in, and get ready for a fantastic dining experience. Suppose you’re prepared to return to indoor dining. In that case, we’d like to introduce you to some sushi spots that do everything possible to make you feel comfortable while providing the entire dining experience. Each one offers exceptional customer service. During this time, they are committed to providing you with distinct cuisines, a range of food to delight the entire family, a romantic setting for a date night, and the comfort of space.


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Best Sushi Restaurants in Cranford/Westfield, New Jersey

Akai Japanese Sushi Lounge: Westfield’s new restaurant is 102-108 E. Broad Street, in the former Wild Greens location. Following the success of Akai in Englewood, NJ, this is the owner’s second location. This vibrant modern restaurant serves sushi in a nightclub-style ambiance.

Nagoya: is also a popular choice, with a wide range of unique rolls to keep people coming back.

Fujiyama Mama: Customers who do not like to order from the vast sushi menu can have their food made and cooked at the table on the hotplate surface, ensuring that it is hot and fresh and the entertainment value is not overlooked.

Asian Fusion: serves both Japanese and Chinese cuisine, as well as a comprehensive sushi menu. So there’s something that meets everyone’s tastes.

Avenue East: provides both Chinese and Japanese cuisine and an enticing sushi selection. It also provides guests with a lovely, modern, and pleasant ambiance in the middle of the Cranford shopping district.


Other Top Picks Sushi Restaurants

Most of these restaurants also offer takeout and delivery; some even have buffets. You may “roll” from one to the other to try them out and select your favorite. Please keep aware that restaurant hours and menu items are often adjusted. Before going, please check their website, social media, or contact to confirm!

Sushi Time 898: it is located at 12 South Avenue West (in the Dollar General strip mall) and is both cozy and inviting and moderately priced.

Mizu Sushi: 103 North Union Avenue in Cranford has about every roll you can think of.

Arashi Sushi: Another roll-ific Chinese/Japanese restaurant may be found at 101 North Avenue West in Cranford.


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