Homes for Sale in Milpitas CA

Homes for Sale in Milpitas CA: Epitome of Luxury and Opulence

Homes for sale in Milpitas CA are an impressive assortment of luxurious residential properties located in one of California’s warmest and most sought-after communities. As a component of Silicon Valley, Milpitas became an established city in 1954. Since that time, it has evolved into the location of various high-tech businesses. The land that is now the city of Milpitas was once part of Rancho Milpitas, which was awarded to the California rancher José Maria Alviso in the year 1835. Milpitas is typically regarded as a suburb that belongs to San Jose and is located in the South Bay, a region located south of the San Francisco Bay Area. The majority of people that live in Milpitas are affluent households. As a wealthy, well-established neighborhood that offers a high standard of living, the average household income in Milpitas is approximately $98,979 on average. Over sixty-five percent of the residents of Milpitas have an annual income greater than $75,000, while the median home price in the city is roughly $745,000.

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Parks and Recreation at Milpitas

Anyone who wants to be close to Silicon Valley or is seeking a place to settle down and establish a family will find that Milpitas is an excellent choice for a small town. There is a wide selection of stunning parks, a range of excellent restaurants, and an abundance of gorgeous homes. One of the popular parks in the city is Gill Park Milpitas, a community park that features several playing fields for various sports, barbecue and picnic spots, a playground, and restrooms. Because there are a variety of things for locals to do in the park, residents of Milpitas can take advantage of the city’s generally favorable weather. Other amenities available in Gill Park Milpitas include a baseball field, basketball, tennis, and handball courts. Families who want to have their weekend picnic in the park have a few options to choose from in Gill Park’s various picnic areas, which are as follows:

Large Picnic Area A:

  • Three large wooden picnic tables
  • Four Barbecues
  • Rental Rates:
    – Resident – $330/day
    – Non-resident – $390/day

Small Picnic Area B:

  • Four traditional wooden picnic tables
  • Two barbecues
  • Rental Rates:
    – Resident – $90/day
    – Non-resident – $150/day

Milpitas Homes and Amenities

Milpitas is a suburban city of a decent size that is located between San Jose and Fremont. Despite its proximity to both of these cities, it has managed to keep the atmosphere of a quaint small town, making it an excellent place to call home. Since it is located in Northern California, the temperature is generally lower than in the southern part of the state. However, because the mountains in Silicon Valley block the worst weather, the climate is relatively pleasant throughout the year. As a result, heating and cooling costs in every home are minimal. Milpitas new homes for sale offer various floor plans with interior floor space ranging between 1,000 sqft to 3,500 sqft. Interested homebuyers can also choose from different home styles accessible in the community, including Contemporary or Traditional architecture.

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