Homes for Sale in East Walnut Hills

What You Should Know About the Homes for Sale in East Walnut Hills

The urban hilltop community of East Walnut Hills may be found close to Mt. Adams, Evanston, Walnut Hills, and Hyde Park. The neighborhood is just a short distance to the northeast of the center downtown region of Cincinnati, Ohio. The historically significant neighborhood of East Walnut Hills has diverse residential options, including cozy single-family homes, sprawling mansions, modern condominiums, and apartments available for rent. The residents of East Walnut Hills benefit from a high level of peacefulness within their houses because of the magnificent river views afforded by many available properties. The five individual historic districts that make up East Walnut Hills are home to grand houses built between 1880 and 1910 by wealthy businessmen. Because of the stringent preservation requirements imposed within the historic districts, many lovely homes have kept their original architectural integrity over the years. Whether it’s a historic home or a modern condo, you will find something among the homes for sale in East Walnut Hills that pique your interest.


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Living in East Walnut Hills

The Ohio River to the south, Victory Parkway to the west, and O’Bryonville to the east demarcate the neighborhood’s boundaries. East Walnut Hills is considered one of the earliest ring suburbs outside the city area. Residents of East Walnut Hills have easy access to various commercial districts, including O’Bryonville and DeSales Corner, located at the intersection of Woodburn Avenue and Madison. Aside from that, the area is located close to several parks, including Annwood Park, Eden Park, and Owl’s Nest. Locals may also get to the downtown area in about 5 minutes, where they can shop at Whole Foods in Rookwood, Findlay Market, Kroger Hyde Park Plaza, and Fresh Market in Oakley.

Compared to the other communities in Cincinnati, East Walnut Hills is a fantastic area for a stroll, particularly for those who enjoy being outside. Residents of East Walnut Hills are more likely to lead active lifestyles because they live in a place conducive to walking. You will also have a better time in the city if you live in an area where people can go around on foot and meet each other, go to the shop, and relax at sidewalk cafés.


Real Estate Scene

Here’s more about East Walnut Hill’s homes for sale:

  • An average home in East Walnut Hills can range from $250,000 to $1.6M. The typical cost of a home consisting of a single-family is $458,000.
  • One can purchase a condo in East Walnut Hills for $125,000, but one can spend up to $3.5M for a big mansion or a penthouse condo.
  • Most homes now available in the East Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, provide two to seven bedrooms and two to five bathrooms. The typical layout has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.
  • Most houses have interior floor areas ranging from 1,200 to 7,100 sqft.
  • Most of East Walnut Hills’ residential real estate is situated on lots ranging in size from 0.05 to 0.57 acres.


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