Homes for Sale Corpus Christi Padre Island

Which are the Best Neighborhoods for Homes for Sale in Corpus Christi Padre Island?

Homes for Sale Corpus Christi Padre Island is the best housing market in the region, offering a wide array of luxury home options to interested buyers looking at the area. Corpus Christi Real Estate, on average, is around $250,000, while homes have a median listing price of $450,000. The price difference reflects the increase in demand and the island community’s overall value. Learn about the many positive features of Padre Island as we offer you insight into why this is the perfect holiday home market, especially for second-home buyers.

If you’re interested in checking out the best neighborhoods in Padre Island, please visit this featured community page from local realtor Kelby McCan. He offers in-depth information on the area and an updated list of available properties for purchase.

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The Benefits of Buying Homes for Sale Corpus Christi Padre Island

Island living at its finest. Padre Island is one of the top holiday beach destinations in the country and is a perfect retirement community if you’re looking to leave the hustle and bustle of urban life and exchange it for your tropical paradise. The town is well-developed and offers ample entertainment options, while the city of Corpus Christi provides all you need for everything else.

How do you Get to the Beach?

Probably the main selling point of Padre Island is its beach. The sandy beaches of Padre Island extend a long distance to both the north and south, leading you to either Mustang Island or South Padre Island. Several access points connect to the main roadway along the initial section of the main town area. However, as you continue south, this will gradually change into the sand. You can still drive on it during certain seasons, but you’ll want to ensure your vehicle can operate on soft sand to avoid getting stuck. The miles of beachfront allow you to pick a spot to enjoy the waters of The Gulf of Mexico.

Homes for Sale Corpus Christi Padre Island

Several residential developments are available to buyers considering a purchase in Padre Island. You’ll see most of these neighborhoods as you cross the bridge from Corpus Christi into Padre Island. These developments offer varying luxury property options, including golf homes, condos, and properties with water access.

The price range for homes in Padre Island can go as low as $236,000 and as high as $3 million. These homes also have a lot of variance in size, with entry-level homes coming in at 720 sq ft and larger residences going as high as 5,000 plus sq ft. As per typical home builds, you can find older houses developed around the 1980s to 2000s in the area and newer subdivisions built in the last decade.

For more information on homes for sale Corpus Christi Padre Island, please don’t forget to check out Kelby’s website. He also offers other property guides and community features, if you want to learn more about the unique real estate market of the region.