Historic Homes for Sale in Virginia

Historic Homes for Sale in Virginia

Every historic homes for sale in Virginia is a wonderful symbol and expression of the historical value that the state possesses, being one of the founding colonies of the U.S. There is a plethora of luxury real estate available in Virginia. Many of these properties have broad lot acreage, outstanding interior and exterior design, and exceptional lot amenities, such as extensive landscaping, ponds, flowing water, rear yards, and structures. Virginia is home to many historic homes that are now attractions in the state. Visits to Virginia’s historic mansions provide an intimate look into the lives of former U.S. presidents, prominent Virginia families, and historical figures, allowing guests to better grasp the people and events that built America. Whether you’re into history, architecture, or just visiting interesting locales, you’ll have a great time exploring these historic homes for sale in Virginia.

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Historic Homes for Sale in Virginia: Mother of Presidents

Virginia is sometimes called the “Mother of Presidents.” George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, James Madison, John Tyler, William Henry Harrison, Woodrow Wilson, and Zachary Taylor are just a few United States Presidents who may claim Virginia as their home state. These notable Virginians lived in different historic residences dispersed across the state. Many of these properties have been kept to appear as they did when the state’s presidents called Virginia home. Historic estates for sale in Virginia are inspired mainly by the various ancient properties in the state that are now open to tours, including the following:

  • Virginia Governor’s Mansion in Richmond: Virginia has the nation’s oldest occupied governor’s residence, which you can see for free.
  • Shirley Plantation in Charles City: Eleven descendants of the same family have owned Shirley Plantation, America’s most authentic colonial attraction. Shirley Plantation is Virginia’s founding plantation, America’s oldest family-owned farm, and one of the primary economic movers of the New World.
  • Carlyle House in Alexandria: British trader John Carlyle built the Carlyle House in 1753 for his fiancée, Sarah Fairfax of Belvoir, from one of colonial Virginia’s most prominent families.

Other Historic Estates in Virginia

Historic homes for sale in Central Virginia are coveted for their unique architectural features and historical meaning. Unique to Virginia is a treasure trove of historic estates that tell important stories from the state’s past and are well-recognized as a major tourist attraction. Other famous estates in Virginia are the following:

  • The Mansion at George Washington’s Mount Vernon: a stunning representation of Washington’s thoughtfulness in developing a residence that would serve as both a haven for his family and a symbol of American excellence. For 45 years, Washington managed his unique remodeling of the mansion.
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello: before and after his time as President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson lived on this historic property. Throughout his life, Jefferson made adjustments and additions to his mountaintop residence that reflected his experiences as a soldier in France.
  • James Madison’s Montpelier: after James Monroe became president, he and his wife Dolley lived in the grand estate of Montpelier, which is now open for tours that interpret their lives as the first American power couple.

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