Closing Gifts For Buyers

Why Giving Closing Gifts For Buyers Is Important

Real estate professionals understand that buying a new home is frequently one of the most important financial decisions a client will make. Homeownership is a huge life event for many people and should be treated like one. That is why, as you approach the last stages of a transaction, a wonderful closing present should be at the forefront of your mind. Because real estate brokers and agents are focused on relationship-building, lead generation is primarily accomplished through recommendations and repeat business. By delivering closing gifts for buyers, you can demonstrate a genuine appreciation for the trust they’ve placed in you, which is an essential aspect of your real estate marketing efforts. Some of your clients who have bought properties through you might not contact you for quite a while. But their good reviews and referrals of your services to their circle can provide you with crucial word-of-mouth real estate leads.


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Paying Taxes For Gifts

Keep a daily account of your expenses, including any closing gifts you purchase for customers. Gifts are typically offered to an entire group in commercial real estate. Full deductions can be made up to any reasonable amount in certain instances for commercial sales. This deductible does not apply to residential properties. Although you may only deduct a maximum of $25 for each present with residential sales, according to the IRS, keeping a receipt file and detailed records of all expenses helps smooth the end-of-year tax filing process. But here’s a quick tip. You can separate each component of the gift, such as gift wrapping, shipping, taxes, and the closing gift itself, to precisely record it in the appropriate account. You can then claim more deductions. It also enables you to make future company decisions based on your expenditures and credits as a business owner. Whatever you choose to give your clients, giving them a closing present will keep you and your customer service skills in their minds. With a little thought, organization, and insight, your closing gift might become one of the best gifts your clients have ever received.


What Closing Gifts You Can Give To Buyers

Giving gifts to someone is hard enough. It gets more challenging when you pick one out for people you’ve just met for business. That’s why being an active listener’s always a good idea. Get to know your client’s needs and ask them questions about themselves. Probing will give you a clearer picture of what closing gift can be helpful for them after they move in. Here are a couple of ideas if you still need help.

Wine: Treat the new homeowners to the delight of sipping from a beautiful bottle of wine or champagne. Inquire with your local wine retailer about the origins and potential food pairings, then include that tidbit in a note.

Coasters: Another client gift with various design options is a coaster set. As a friendly reminder, a bespoke set with the client’s name or initials can also include your name and contact information.

Pet Collar Tags: With their focus on house hunting and moving, pet owners may not remember to update their pets’ tags for months. Getting pet collar tags engraved with the new address is a unique gift.


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