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Carey Eckert is a California-licensed real estate agent who loves assisting others in home buying and selling. He is well-respected in the real estate industry throughout the San Fernando Valley thanks to his extensive understanding of the area’s neighborhoods, inventory, contracts, and home construction quality. Because of Carey’s impeccable honesty, unwavering integrity, and dedication to maintaining open lines of communication with his customers, the vast majority of his new business comes through the recommendations of his existing customers. Carey Eckert Realtor, can make all the difference in purchasing or selling a home because of his upbeat approach, years of experience, and savvy negotiating abilities. As the parent of five sons, Carey recognizes the value of a stable residence. He tries his best to learn about each customer so that he may tailor his advice to their specific needs. Carey is one of the best realtors in Southern California because he genuinely cares about his clients, friends, and neighborhood.


Carey Eckert’s Specialities

Carey Eckert is a seasoned professional in the California real estate market. Carey has shown dedication to providing professional and ethical service to clients through his many qualifications and areas of expertise. Carey is a licensed Realtor, meaning he has completed extensive training and is committed to following a strict code of ethics in all his dealings with clients. Carey is also a Platinum Certified agent with and, a Titanium Home Retention Consultant, and a Default School Certified student in every subject except for P.A.S. Carey’s competency with real estate technology platforms and their experience handling foreclosed and short-sold properties are both attested to by these credentials. Carey’s background as a sales representative equips them to assist homeowners with the nuances of this procedure. He can help clients get the best possible deal when selling their properties by negotiating with lenders, handling the paperwork, and more. In addition, Carey’s history of entrepreneurship provides them with a fresh take on the real estate market. It allows them to bring originality and imagination to every deal they work on.


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Areas Carey Eckert serves in Southern California

The San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Los Angeles are just some of the places that are serviced by Carey Eckert in Southern California. Other locations served include Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena. Because he holds a real estate license in California, he can assist customers with purchasing or selling real estate in various places throughout the state. Carey Eckert has the knowledge and experience to assist clients in navigating the intricacies of the real estate market, regardless of whether the customer is planning to buy or sell a property in a bustling urban center, a more suburban area, or a more rural location. He is dedicated to giving customers individualized service crafted to meet their unique requirements and preferences, and he works relentlessly to assist clients in accomplishing the real estate objectives they have set for themselves. Customers have every reason to have faith that they are in capable hands, thanks to Carey’s considerable expertise as a real estate agent and his in-depth familiarity with the real estate market in California.


Carey has the knowledge and experience necessary to direct you through the sale process. If you require a probate agent, you can get in touch with Carey Eckert at, where you can also find out more information about him.