Andy Warhol Moonwalk And The Art World He Left Behind

Andy Warhol Moonwalk Inspiration

Some say that going to the moon was one of the most important things in history. There were difficulties along the way. People have tried for many years to do it. Then finally, America did it. Moreover, Americans celebrated the exciting time they beat the Soviets to space. It is a step forward for the dreams of making progress for society and technology. This topic is an idea Warhol explores throughout his works. Art enthusiasts and experts can see it in Warhol’s “Ads” and “Cowboys and Indians” portfolios. The Andy Warhol Moonwalk is a departure from Warhol’s more provocative works. Additionally, the inspiration behind the Andy Warhol Moonwalk was the photo of Buzz Aldrin stepping on the moon. As the first person on the moon, Neil Armstrong photographed Aldrin as they explored. Since it is a historical moment, the original picture was at auctions and is also considered pop culture memorabilia.

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Moonwalk By Andy Warhol

The two prints from Warhol’s Moonwalk portfolio provide an insight into his artistic maturity, which characterizes much of his work created in the 1980s. Rupert Jasen Smith printed the collection in 1987. The prints didn’t exist at the time of the landing. It isn’t clear why Warhol decided to do the suite only two decades after the event. It was probably after the shift from the earlier subjects of his art into historical topics. However, some aspects of Andy Warhol’s creative style didn’t wear off. Warhol’s playful spin on the Moonwalk series contrasts the profound moment depicted in the history of humanity. He added color to the Andy Warhol astronaut in tones of pink. He also colored the surface of the moon toxic green. The collection wasn’t supposed to be small. It was supposed to be a part of a more extensive series titled “TV.” The canceled collection of Warhol’s work with other significant events in history. The other pieces that should have been on display were The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and Martin Luther King Jr’s speech. The Moonwalk Suite is a sought-after collection. It was a display of Warhol’s unfailing skills and creativity.

Andy Warhol’s Finale

Andy Warhol was not a simple artist. He knew how to curate iconic moments in history. He alters them into pieces that continue to remain significant today. The Warhol Moonwalk Suite was his final offering to pop culture. At 58, Andy Warhol passed away on February 22, 1987. He had gone in for a simple gallbladder procedure. Everything was successful as far as doctors were concerned. So, he left the hospital to recover. However, Andy Warhol died in Manhattan at 6:32 am. He subsequently suffered cardiac arrest less than 24 hours after the surgery. Meanwhile, he left his last project ready for printing. The foundation eventually sent it to Buzz Aldrin. There are over 28,000 photographs in his collection. But his foundation has not yet finished recording all his works. Above all, he left a legacy. He is the father of modern pop art. Other artists of the time looked up to him. On the other hand, students today still study his works. Moreover, his techniques are still used by professionals. No one can deny that he is still part of modern art.

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